In schools, Drosophila offers fantastic means as a modern teaching tool to explain curriculum-relevant concepts of biology to pupils and students, reaching far beyond its traditional uses in classical genetics.

As is explained in greater detail in our recent Genes to Genomes blog post, school engagement offers unique opportunities to reach out to non-self-selected audiences in far more powerful ways then can be achieved on science fairs or most other common forms of science communication.

To implement this approach, we have developed a vast amount of strategies and resources, mostly through collaborations with teachers and schools under the umbrella of our droso4schools initiative. All our resources were made available:

  • For a quick overview of our school resources read this blog post
  • Information accompanying our fully developed curriculum-relevant biology lessons is provided on the droso4schools website
  • Fully developed school biology lessons for teachers (and scientists) using the fruit fly Drosophila [LINK]
  • Resources for communicating Drosophila researchon science fairs and extracurricular school visits by scientists [LINK]