Fly art

The idea behind this page is to provide a platform where to collate any arty imagery, sculptures or poetry inspired by Drosophila or flies in the wider sense. This will hopefully bring some joy as well as thought to our work, but also enrich our presentations, publications and outreach activities. Please, help to improve this site!  If you come across or have produced any items that you feel could be displayed here, please contact us.

A gallery of fly-inspired art

Drawing by the illustrator and comic book artist Rebeca Prado.  See more of her work on her website.
A gallery of very original creations around flies (and other topics)  by Danielle Edmunds.


See her portfolio on Instagram: Fruit flies like a banana

Gallery with annually commissioned images of Drosophila  by FlyStuff.


This image shows the image STILT-LEG/CYO by Cassidy Johnson from 2010.

Likely the first online fly art gallery was Alain Ghysen’s Art4. Since this gallery might vanish in the nearer future, we made it accessible also here.


This image shows:
Dennis Corrigan
American, 1944 –
Chronoflex, 438 x 364 mm, 1972
Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts purchase, 1980.1.3
Copyright retained by the artist.

Fly-inspired poetry collected on Alain Ghysen’s Art4. Since this gallery might vanish in the nearer future, we made it accessible also here.


Here ‘Cold Fly’ by the Chinese poet Chen Shiado (click to enlarge)

‘The Fly’ poem by William Blake. Click here for the entire poem and background information.
Concursus silicernium (“rush to, clash” “funeral feast”) by Jen Gagne, as shown on the BEWARE-of-ART website.


Specimen #01124, 4/16/2001; Wingspan: 2.5 inches
Composition: Blue niobium wire, sterling silver wire, black copper wire, red copper wire, steel utility blades
Collection site: Cemetery Ridge, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Ink and water colour by Andreas Prokop
‘Fly Whisperer’ by Deepti Trivedi


See Deepti’s gallery of funny sketches of mutant flies on ‘Deepti’s Journey – Fly Art

Bar fly (Drosophila melagerswasted)’ by John Chilton.


See his gallery on the Drawn-to-the-sea website.

Drosophila Fly Head‘ is an outdoor sculpture designed by Wayne Chabre in 1988 and installed on the University of Oregon campus
‘Holiday mutant’ by Andreas Prokop, ink and water colour
Image by Jessica Sawyer
Water colour on canvas by Natalia Sánchez-Soriano and Andreas Prokop
An image from Magnus Muhr‘s ‘Life of flies‘ book
A GIF by Andreas Prokop
Fly image by Amy Strom as part of collection she made when graduating with her Ph.D. from Berkeley in 2018.
Bell Fly‘ by Chris Woodman; tabletop-sized made from machine parts, found metal objects, tool parts and a working bell gong as back segment.
CRISPR/Cas – al borde del futuro‘ by Diego Galagovsky, taken from his very arty blog Flying thru science
Drosophila graphic collage; Graphic Artist: Mr Bonaventure Zirra, PhD Student, Department of Industrial Design, Ahmadu Bello University, Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Repeating Drosophila pattern; created for the #InverteFest initiative by the illustrator Hana Ayoob; for more of Hana’s art see her blog site “Curious Octopus“.
Las Moscas; poem by Antonio Machado; see translation on the fanismis blog
AnanthakrishnaTantryVector art by Ananthakrishna Tantry generated with Inkscape. See his gallery on Instagram.
ShwetaBanerjeeFly Mandala art by Shweta Banerjee, PhD student, Department of Biological sciences and Bioengineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India
AndiKur Scientific comic abstract by Andi Kur, Artist, Educator, & Science Illustrator. See his portfolio on his page.
FrederiqueSeroude Acrylics and pencil, painted by Frederique Seroude