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The Manchester Fly Facility was set up at the Faculty of Biology, Medicine & Health of The University of Manchester to support scientific research using the genetic model organism Drosophila melanogaster (the fruit or vinegar fly), based on a rationale explained under the “Why fly” tab. Andreas Prokop is the academic head and Sanjai Patel the facility manager.

Andreas and Sanjai are also the key initiators and drivers of the worldwide only initiative systematically promoting Drosophila advocacy, science communication, education and training, which comprises:

  • Manchester Fly Facility – droso4research [LINK]
  • Manchester Fly Facility – droso4schools [LINK]
  • Manchester Fly Facility – droso4public [LINK]

For a list of all their publications, websites and resources relating to science communication, please click here. Carol Fan supports the initiative, for example through organising shipments of material.


Andreas Prokop

Any queries you may have
Tel: +44 (0)161 27 51556/7

Sanjai Patel

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Tel: +44 (0)161 27 55628


Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health
Manchester Academic Health Science Centre
The University of Manchester
Michael Smith Building (building 71 on the campus map)
Room B.4202
Oxford Road Manchester
Manchester M13 9PT
United KingdomSee The University of Manchester website for useful travel information

Other initiatives

  • Fly Indonesia – Indonesian droso4schools-like initiative [LINK]
  •  droso4schools – Croatia [LINK]
  • droso4Nigeria– Nigerian droso4schools-like initiative [LINK]
  • droso4LatAm – Latin American droso4schools-like initiative [LINK]
  • new mctf logo 2020 presentacion #MelanogasterCTF – citizen science project [LINK]
  • DRTCDrosophila Research & Training Centre – outreach and training, Nigeria [LINK]